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Raj Basha

Raj Basha

After reformation of official language implementation committee (Hindi) in September -2002 in Vidyalaya, the committee is doing the work consistently. Above 80% staff (including Teaching & Non-teaching) is having the working knowledge of Hindi. In day-today functioning of Vidyalaya activities, this committee is taking all the positive steps for the better implementation of official language Hindi. In this connection, quarterly meeting of official language is always held in time. This Vidyalaya is also an active member of ‘TOLIC’ (Town Official Language Implementation Committee, Berhampur). Report of the quarterly meeting of the Raj Bhasa committee being sent to the Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan regional office, Bhubaneswar regularly.

This committee consists of following members.

Sl. No.




श्री अशोक कुमार मिश्रा, प्राचार्य



श्री संजय कुमार बारिक, सहायक

Ass. Secretary


श्रीमति मंजु बाला दास, प्रशिक्षित स्नातक शिक्षक हिन्दी